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Control your house and home appliances by the weather station. It is very simple and effective. The smart weather station allows to control various devices by the relay outputs and detail conditions. It is not necessary to use a computer or the other complicated control system. All you need is one smart weather station in your house and you can control things such as heating, blinds, watering etc. In addition you will have general overview of the current weather conditions and conditions in the past.


Weather station enables municipalities to inform inhabitants about local weather conditions and warn them in case of expected or sudden changes in weather conditions, such as high wind gusts, flood states with higher rainfall etc. The data and information can be easily integrated into websites and will be surely point of interest to the site visitors. Residents can be timely informed by e-mail about possible impending danger.


Thanks to the rapid processing of measured values ​​of current weather conditions can the smart weather station help you with adaptation of ventilation or heating of greenhouses. If there is a big sun exposure with the risk of long-term drought conditions, the settings of smart weather station ensure the correct dosage of watering throughout the year and this can save you a lot of time and effort. Also, due to the precise knowledge of the dew point is spraying of plants in the fields applied effectively. Setting of automatic control allows switching of aeration of the stored commodities. For farmers or agricultural cooperatives, this weather station is huge help in care of the crops and its harvest. Our weather station can be installed anywhere in the field or in the orchard and with the solar panel and additional electronics can monitor the weather online. And you can control the weather station remotely.

Comprehensive overview of the weather with the possibility of displaying historical data up to 10 years ago provides farmers, orchardman and small growers comprehensive tool to achieve optimal yields.


Smart weather station is an ideal device for health care institutions, such as senior centers, rehabilitation centers or clinics. The measured values allow detection of sudden changes in weather conditions and weather station calculates accurately the weather forecast in relation to the specific location. Number of sensors also enable calculating the biometeorological forecast, that is indicator of the expected load on human body.


Weather station is very suitable for hotels, guest houses, recreation centers, camps and sports facilities (pools, tennis courts, golf course, football stadium etc.). Measured data and weather forecasts can be shared with other users, for example, on your website, tablet placed in reception or allow access for smartphone to your members and customers.

Model weather station ME15 can be extended with a GSM module and battery power supply with additional renewable power source, such as a photovoltaic panel. Such equipment can be used mainly in places where there is no available power source and internet connection.


The weather station offers a variety of data, from which then generates a number of statistical analyzes and comparisons, due to the large number of sensors. This is useful for schools for teaching mathematics, measured values for natural science or chemistry. Physics contains meteorology, meteorological elements, weather etc. Data from weather station can watch whole class.


Based on knowledge of current weather conditions and trends can prevent many unexpected situations that may be related to health or property. For example, fluctuations in temperature around the freezing point always carry risks and weather station can alert you in this situations. Weather station helps to protect the health or property by early warning before long-term or sudden change in weather conditions. Thanks to the additional functions you will have home overview of the weather in the place of location of the weather station.

To ensure protection of health or property on the basis of weather changes can weather station easily detect, for example, the water level or gusty winds. Based on these limits, which can be easily set in Condition card, you can either cause the actual relay output control or sent warning e-mail.


One example of how you can use the weather station is to control the watering regime based on current weather conditions and season. During intense solar radiation there is a risk of long-term drought, which can however be prevented by simply configuring the conditions so in these situations the watering can be set to more frequent. Likewise you can prevent overwatering. The weather station simply analyzes the current measured data and you can configure the right time and amount of water.


Eaves and pavements can be heated according to current season and outside air temperature. Using the information from the thermometer and rain gauge it is also possible to prevent formation of ice on roofs, heat the door frames, garage doors etc. to prevent freezing of sealing.


There are places where you are not often (huts or cottages) and you would like to operate your heating system for tempering space so that the energy consumption is as low as possible? Weather station will provide you precisely regulated heating based on indoor and outdoor temperatures.


The electrical blinds used for shading can also be controlled according to current weather conditions using the weather station. This takes into account not just solar radiation, but also wind gust. Blinds can be closed at predefined times and based on the current date and season and you can also combine this information with the current weather conditions.


If you would like to regulate and effectively control regular watering your greenhouse or plastic greenhouses, weather stations can handle everything and makes itself according to the current weather situation. First, ensure regular watering according to your plan with respect to combination of weather conditions and sunshine highs and lows, while ensuring control of ventilation during the day.


If you create various wireless network topologies you know how important it is to use the watchdog function. The two independent relay outputs can be used to restart or to turn on or off devices such as servers, microrouters or entire AP points. The weather station supports the PING service used to determine availability of network devices. If a device is non-responsive, the station can turn off the power supply and restart the device. It is also possible to heat cool the rooms with routers and prevent their destruction or malfunction of the AP point.

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