weather station

Extensions and functions at the website

After installing the weather station you can register it at and get access to further possibilities of accessing and sharing data from your weather station.


Simple browsing of history data and statistics from your weather station

You can very easily and quickly browse and analyze history data from your weather station from any place where there is access to the internet. You do not even have to know the network configuration to be able to get access. After setting up the weather station, it automatically sends all data to the website server and these can subsequently be viewed in easy to understand graphs for user defined intervals and grouped by user defined parameters. The measured values can also be printed or saved as a PDF file, or even exported for further use. Alternatively you can of course just look at the data directly on the website from your browser.



Possibility to create a dynamic banner with current weather conditions from your weather station

It is now possible to quickly create a banner, which will show the data you choose and also customize its appearance. The generated code can then be inserted to your own website and in this way you can share the data from your weather station with your customers or friends on their webpages. Here is an example of what such a banner can look like:



Synchronization of data from the weather station as XML from

Possibility to retrieve current weather conditions directly from Data can be accessed easily for your own applications and software in XML format.


Public web interface

You can create your own website and select its address at to share your weather station data with other internet users. This URL will then show your main interface for the weather station with current conditions and history data overview.

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