weather station

IP weather station functions and values

WarioWeather IP weather station sensors

The numerous sensors of the IP weather station allow you to analyze and monitor weather as never before. Another advantage is that many additional parameters related to the weather conditions are calculated and there is also a data logger, which saves the measured values.

  • outdoor temperature
  • feels like temperature
  • dew point
  • relative humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • wind speed
  • wind gust
  • wind direction
  • solar radiation
  • rain gauge

Range and accuracy of the weather station sensors

Calculated and additional values of the IP weather station

  • current date and time
  • elevation
  • geographical coordinates
  • Moon phase
  • zodiac
  • sun rise, sun set and day length
  • civil, nautical and astronomical twilight and its length
  • name day for the current and next day
  • maximum and minimum of the measured values – temperature, rainfall, relative air humidity, dew point
  • daily, weekly, monthly and annual rainfall
  • daily, weekly, monthly and annual average of the measured values temperature, relative air humidity, dew point
  • daily, weekly, monthly and annual maximum of the measured values – wind speed, solar radiation
  • short-term weather forecast for the next 6 h
  • long-term weather forecast retrieved from the internet for the next 3 days
  • 60 minute weather history in 1 min intervals displayed using mini graphs and trends
  • daily weather history in 2 min intervals
  • weekly weather history in 15 min intervals
  • monthly weather history in 60 min intervals
  • annual weather history in daily intervals
  • measurements of network accessibility (PING)

Data availability

All measured values are available without any need for a dedicated computer or server. The weather station automatically logs all data, analyzes it and saves it for 10 years.

Current conditions anytime anywhere

You can view the current conditions from your weather station anywhere, anytime you need it. You only need a smartphone or a tablet and look at what the weather is like at that moment at your house.

History overview

The weather station stores all the measured values and then calculates statistics and performs analyses of the history data. This can be viewed as graphs up to 10 years to the past.

All in one interface

The weather station offers many additional functions such as a short-term forecast, zodiac, Moon phase, Sun rise and set, length of the day, name day calendar and biometeorological index. The user interface is very intuitive and ideal even for children or elderly. Web interface is responsive and so can easily be used on a PC as well as a TV screen, tablet or a smartphone.

Home automation

The weather station can control relay outputs based on current weather conditions. This can be used for example for irrigation control or controlling the blinds. All data from the weather station is available in an XML format and also ModBus and thanks to these protocols, these measurements can be further processed by other systems, which can control your smart home. More information about this can be found in the Uses of the weather station section.

Sharing data from the IP weather station

The IP weather station allows sending warnings and notifications or periodical emails about current weather conditions. Using the extensions available at you can also share your data as an interactive banner or even create your own webpage at your chosen URL. More information can be found in Extensions and functions at the website.


The weather station can be extended with a GSM modul for mobile data collection, or a battery power supply with additional renewable power source, such as a photovoltaic panel.

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