weather station

Measurement accuracy and range

Weather station working range: -30°C to +65°C

Weather station uses passive PoE. Working voltage is 12-24V.

Energy consumption <1W, with heated rain gauge ~18W (when the heating is on)


Outdoor temperature

Range -55 to +125°C
Resolution ± 0,5°C in the -10°C to +85°C range
± 2°C in the -55°C to -10°C and +85°C to +125°C range


Range 150 to 1150 hPa
Accuracy ± 1.5% at 25°C

Outdoor humidity

Range 0% to 100% non-condensing
Accuracy at 25°C
± 5% at 10-60%
± 8% at 0-10% and 60-100%

Rain gauge

Range: 0 to 9999 mm/day
Accuracy: 0.1 mm to 1000mm
Tipping bucket capacity: 0,3 mm

Wind speed and wind direction

Range: 0 to 45 m/s (160 km/h)
Range: 0° to 360°

Solar radiation

Range: 0 to 1250 W/m2
Accuracy: 10%

Relay outputs OUT1,OUT2

Maximum power 0,25A
Maximum voltage 30V

Additional outdoor temperature sensor

-55 to +125°C (IP68 standard), accuracy ± 0,5 °C in the -10°C to +85°C range, ± 2°C in the -55 to -10°C and +85 to +125°C range

Additional outdoor temperature/humidity sensor

0% to 100% non-condensing, accuracy at 25°C: ± 5% at 10-60%, ± 8% at 0-10% and 60-100%, accuracy ± 2 °C in the -40 to +85°C range

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