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Meteo weather and your own weather station

WarioWeather IP weather station for intelligent control device

The WarioWeather IP weather station is intended especially for smarthome, precision agriculture and management of intelligent buildings or manufacturing plants. The Weather station main advantage is the ability to control various devices based on the status and nature of the weather without other complex control system. WarioWeather IP weather station is a stand-alone IP weather station directly connected to the Internet via any network, without the need of any intermediate computers or servers.

The WarioWeather IP weather station can be extended with a GSM modul for mobile data collection, or a battery power supply with additional renewable power source, such as a pohotovoltaic panel. Such equipment can be used mainly in places where no power source available energy and internet connection.


Main advantages of having your own weather station

Having your own weather station is a great advantage given the current frequent changes in the weather. The weather station provides you information about current conditions, history data and also weather forecasts, all in one unified graphical user interface of the station. That everything you view on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is possible to get sent warning e-mail based on the measured values, and thus protect your health and property. You will always know what the weather is like in your house or business even when you are not at home. The weather station offers access to the weather statistics for the last week, month, year. The weather station is also beneficial for schools - courses in mathematics, chemistry, natural sciences or physics.


The weather station aggregates many functions into one unified interface

  • current weather conditions
  • 6h weather forecast based on the measured data
  • up to 10 years of history data saved directly in the station memory
  • simple and intuitive control of the station over the internet from a browser
  • possibility to create customized conditions to trigger various actions
  • easily share your data on the internet and view them from any device with online access
  • many additional functions and features available at
  • possibility to buy additional sensors and measure other weather parameters


Possibility to control smarthomes using the weather station


The weather station gives you the possibility to control other devices using the relay outputs. This can for example be used to control irrigation, shading, heating or air-conditioning. You get better comfort of your living, manufacturing or agricultural company, and saving energy. Big advantage is the possibility to integrate the weather station into higher-level systems using the ModBus technology and XML protocol. The weather station can also be easily registered at and there you can then view your data and share it with other users. More information about this can be found in the Using the weather station section.


List of weather station sensors and displayed parameters

outdoor temperature
feels like temperature
relative humidity
wind direction
wind speed
wind gust
pressure rainfall amount
biometeorological index
solar radiation dew point daily min and max
date and time name days geographical coordinates
Sun rise/set
civil twilight
nautical twilight
astronomical twilight
network connectivity (PING) relay outputs
external temperature sensor
external humidity sensor ideal irradiation
custom conditions for control data saved for 10 years notification emails


Possible uses of the weather station

blinds control, irrigation control, watering regimes in glass houses, ground water pumping, outdoor pools control, control of solar panels and photovoltaic devices, securing houses against wind gusts, heating control, air conditioning control, possibility of manual remote control, e-mail warning in time

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