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WarioWeather Profi Weather Station

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Rain gauge
GSM/GPRS module
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Backup power supply

Weather station WarioWeather Profi (model ME15) is an autonomous IP weather station with the possibility of using GSM/GPRS data communication and battery power extended with possibility to use renewable power supply. The weather station can therefore be used even in places without electricity and internet connection availability.

When using the type with GSM/GPRS module, the weather station sends data to the website, where it can be viewed and accessed via web control panel, or it can be sent to your own server in a form of an XML document with current conditions.

The individual sensors can be installed separately and measure at variable heights above the ground and distance from the main control unit.

The weather station allows simple analysis of the data without the need of any further processing by a computer or server (in the GSM variant). Values from the station can be easily accessed from the web environment.

The weather station provides information about current conditions, history data, as well as weather forecast in a form of graphs. You will therefore have a complete overview of the weather at your place, even when you are not physically there.

The weather station can easily be integrated into various other systems using the ModBus protocol and XML.

It can also be registered at, which then gives you further access to many extensions and useful features. More information is available here.

Examples of configuration

  • Backup power: weather station + battery
  • Unavailable internet connection: weather station + GSM/GPRS
  • Unavailable internet connection and electricity: weather station + battery + photovoltaic panel + GSM/GPRS

Weather station sensors

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Apparent temperature
  • Dew point
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Wind gust
  • Wind direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Rain gauge

Range and accuracy of measurements

Calculated and additional parameters

  • current date and time
  • altitude
  • location
  • Moon phase
  • zodiac
  • Sun rise and set, day length
  • civil, nautical and astronomical twilight
  • name day for today and tomorrow
  • max and min values from the individual sensors
  • daily precipitation
  • short-term forecast for upcoming 6h
  • internet forecast for next 3 days
  • history data in 2min intervals in nice graphs
  • history data in 15min intervals in weekly steps
  • history data in 60min intervals in monthly steps
  • history data in daily intervals by years
  • network availability (PING)


The web interface for the weather station is available in the following languages: Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish, Russian

WarioWeather Profi
Model ME15

Packaging content

  • 2 pcs telescopic sections of the mounting pole
  • 1 pc plastic mounting arm for the wind speed and wind direction sensor
  • 1 pc wind direction sensor
  • 1 pc wind speed sensor
  • 1 pc plastic rain gauge arm
  • 1 pc rain gauge
  • 1 pc case with control unit and install accessories
  • 1 pc radiation shield for the combined sensors with a metal arm
  • 1 pckg connection screws
  • 2 pcs installation clips for the console and telescopic part of the mounting pole
  • 4 pcs tightening belts
  • 1 pc power supply (PoE)
  • 3 pcs data cables

Instruction manual for ME15

User guide ME15pdfME220007
XML API and ModBus for WarioweatherpdfEM220007
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