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Manuals for the Warioweather profi

Warioweather Compact (ME13)Warioweather Profi (ME15)



The manuals are for the ME220008 firmware version of the WarioWeather Profi (ME15) weather station.

User guide ME15pdfME220007
XML API and ModBus for WarioweatherpdfEM220007


Weather station firmware

The firmware file is in fwr format. When updating the firmware, all tabs and configuration remains saved.
Make sure you always update the firmware from your local LAN network. It is not recommended to update the firmware remotely or using a wirelessly connected computer.
Always only update the firmware with a file that is intended for your particular model and which is newer than the current firmware version. Updating the station with an incorrect firmware file can lead to malfunctioning of the station! If additional information is provided regarding the update, it is recommended you read and follow these instructions carefully.

The manufacturer bears no responsibility for problems caused by installing an incorrect firmware file. All updating steps are done at the user´s own risk.

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