weather station
Area: 3964 km2
The highest point: Čertův mlýn (1206 m.s.l.)
Total stations: 21
Stations online: 19
Stations offline: 2
Current weather

Meteorological map - weather stations in Zlínský

. The meteorological maps show weather information from WARIO weather stations

Weather stations Zlínský

Maximum and minimum for 20.6.2018

Maximum temperature126.9 °C20.6.2018 00:00
Minimum temperature10.8 °C20.6.2018 04:47
Maximum pressure1151.4 hPa20.6.2018 09:05
Minimum pressure1001.7 hPa20.6.2018 01:24
Maximum solar radiation607.3 W/m220.6.2018 09:32
Maximum wind speed2.7 m/s20.6.2018 09:23
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